Polaroid Matrix
20 Instant Cameras, Steel, Aluminum, Electronics
6' x 10' x 10', variable

The project is comprised of a matrix of 20 Polaroid cameras that have been modified for remote shutter closure. Each camera is mounted on swivel bases along four sections of curved tubing. Attached end to end, these sections create a hoop of cameras eight-feet in diameter and capable of simultaneously capturing 20 images of a single individual at its center. Alternately the cameras may be oriented outward for 360 degree instant panoramic. While still in the testing phases, some promising images have been captured.
While the initial series of images are self-portraits, my hope is for a venue that could provide viewers the opportunity to become subjects. Once an image (20 separate prints) has been shot, the prints are stacked and riveted together to create a flipbook and given to the subject.
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